Italian tan machine, Sweetan is an Italian spray tanning machine designed and manufactured in Italy by Sweetan srl industrial technology company created to support Tanning Business. The Sweetan booth was designed to give comfort multi-services to the spa, wellness, beauty care centers, hotels and final customers non-definitive tattoos, professional sauna, personal relaxation and tanning services.

OUR TAN BOOTH AS INFRARED SAUNA The infrared heat is used to directly penetrate the body's tissues into a depth zone of the muscles.

The SWEETAN® booth with its infrared lamps can be used as professional sauna in a low temperature regime 40 - 50°C (104 - 122 °F).

As sauna, SWEETAN® BOOTH accelerates the cellular metabolism increasing the elimination of the body’s toxins, providing more oxygen to the skin.

As Sauna, it dilates the skin pores allowing the product to work very deep.

The Sauna’s system will increase the safe body calories allowing a faster slim process.

SWEETAN UV FREE TANNING BOOTH 2009 the most innovative and safe SPRAY TANNING MACHINE solution designed and manufactured in Italy to support Wellness, Health Care centre, Spa and Beauty care Salon business... We are looking for Worldwide Distributors


• Pain relief

• Weight loss

• Increases extensibility of collagen tissue

• Joint stiffness

• Increases blood flow

• Menopausal symptoms

• Detoxification of the body

• Skin (clogged pores, poor skin tone, acne & more)

• Stress relief aluminium

• Relaxation

• Eczema

• Menstruation pain

• Asthma

• Sore thorat

• and more





Totally UV FREE process

ONLY 01 minute total process

The SWEETAN tanning booth can be used by people with ANY TYPE of SKIN.

SAFE TANNING session and can be done several times without skin risk.

After one or two of our "AUTOMATED SPRAY TANNING” sessions the results are perfect for any kind of race providing an exceptional tanning results and SKIN CARE WELLNESS.

STAND INSIDE the spray tan machine and enjoy the automatic tan process.

The ULTRASOUND EQUIPMENT will define automatically the height of the person to customize the tanning process

THREE TREATMENT SETUP automatic spraying tanning process for face, legs or complete body.

For professional operators it is a high technology solution SAVING cost of ENERGY and a lot of TIME


SWEETAN INDUSTRY is an Italian engineering company who design and produce high technology machines to the worldwide Wellness industry. Our machines, tanning solutions have been designed maintaining the Italian style tradition Italian tanning engineering projects, Italian wellness solution design, Italian manufacturing suppliers, Italian tanning booth manufacturing, infrared engineering tanning booth design suppliers, Italian UV free tanning booth manufacturing. Italian stile in each tanning project from the material used as stainless steel and alluminium and accessories manufacturing vendors and suppliers only from Italy. Made in Italy to California, Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois, Atlanta in the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, China, Korea, Australia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Ecuador, Perù, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Dubai, China, Thailand, Japan, Australia, Austria, Finland, Germany, France, England, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Oman, UAE, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Uruguay,  Japan, England, Russia, Scotland, Italy, Ireland, Norway, Russia, Canada, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, China, Japan, Australia, China, Germany, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Dubai, Bahrain, Russia, Denmark, Norway, Bahrain, New Zealand, Holland, Spain, Scotland, Sweden... and worldwide wellness business


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